First, second... n request, it's Fast. Easy. Safe.

Deploy and run serverless function without worrying about the cold start problems. Only worry about building what is most important, your product.

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~/service $fleet

>Deploying ~/service to the project acme



Fleet Function

Fleet Function

How it works

Fleet Function is a serverless functions technology created to execute Node.js functions much faster than other platforms and a closer integration.

  • 1

    Deploy your Node.js function

    On the command line in your project, run fleet deploy, a preview deployment is created automatically or automate gradual deployment.

  • 2


    Its function is invoked with a practically zero cold start in an isolated environment in an instance with Node.js that is capable of executing thousands of functions safely.

  • 3

    Scalable to "infinity and beyond"

    Its function is executed in a few ms, regardless of cold start or warm, its function can even handle more than one request increasing the auto to infinite.

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Fleet Function, fastest and safely
  • Zero server

    Don't worry about keeping a 24/7 server connected.

  • Auto-Scale

    Its functions are invoked to 0 and N.

  • Pay for use

    Costs are made based on the resources you use.

  • Simplify DevOps

    There is no need to configure infrastructure or handle containers.

Fleet Function, fastest and safely

Preview deployments

For each new deployment a new URL is assigned to your deployment for preview use.

  • Deployment history

    With each new deployment, a url is created that can be used to share with your team or serve as a test endpoint.

  • Quick Rollbacks

    Quickly rollback deployments with code failures with immediate effect in production.

Fleet Traffic Shifting

Fleet Traffic Shifting

Critical microservices and APIs that meet a large scale of user demand are critical and cannot fail due to bugs in the code. The main adoption of mitigation is canary deployments.

  • Automation rules

    Automate your canary implantations based on traffic data to decrease monitoring and mitigate errors from expensive deployments.

  • Manual traffic control

    Perform manual traffic control as you get more data.

  • Monitoring

    Monitor traffic to make the best decisions and adjust the rules to your reality.

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Fleet Traffic Shifting, flow of creating traffic change and adding rules
Platform for serverless functions

Platform for serverless functions

Serverless function technology from end to end with the platform for deployments, metrics, workflow...

  • Metrics built in

    Track usage, performance and errors on your functions.

  • Secrets

    Add sensitive environment variables that are only available for your functions.

  • Team

    Organize your team by projects to simplify workflows and permissions.

Fleet Virtual Private Function

Fleet Virtual Private Function

With virtual private function (VPF), you have the ability to isolate all or just some functions of the world by having secure communication between functions.

  • Private access

    Get private access between your functions, allowing them to only be triggered by functions within the virtual private function (VPF).

  • Shared VPF

    Configure a virtual private function (VPF) to be shared across several projects in your organization.

  • Monitoring

    Traffic monitoring between the input and output functions, allowing the identification of bottlenecks.

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Fleet Traffic Shifting, flow of creating traffic change and adding rules

Create faster solutions with functions

Use the Fleet to build your critical services that require resilience, high demand, low cost and high speed with our technology.

  • JAMstack


    Enrich the JAMstack ecosystem using functions

  • Microservices


    Build your service fleet on serverless functions

  • Micro APIs


    Build your product's APIs on serverless functions

  • Data Processing


    Orchestrate background functions for data processing

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